Sellex. Designer furniture and equipment

Sellex. Mobiliario y equipamiento de diseño

From Najarro Proyectos, we are pleased to introduce SELLEX, a Guipuzcoan company specializing in furniture and design equipment, with national and international projection and a presence in more than 40 countries.

Their goal is to create modern, beautiful, and quality elements, always applying technology to good ideas. Since its foundation in 1977, many designers have collaborated in the creation of their products, a factor that has contributed to SELLEX gaining great recognition. So much so that it has received numerous awards, highlighting the National Design Award, which probably best reflects the effort to carry out impeccable work.

Aware of the role that quality plays as a factor for competitiveness and the survival of a brand, SELLEX rigorously adheres to the guidelines and requirements of established standards regarding quality control and the environment, from management to the rest of the staff that makes production possible. In addition to this, emphasis is placed on the ecodesign strategy, which involves designing pieces that will have a long life, be recyclable, and reduce the consumption of raw materials.


Sellex‘s furniture opts for light and elegant designs that provide comfort to users. They have a marked minimalist character, yet the pieces are robust and resistant, making this furniture suitable for various environments with different levels of use.


The variety of options is a key factor in our current society. Being able to use furniture that adapts to the measurement of each space and each user, so individual and dynamic, is a challenge that Sellex addresses and surpasses. They always offer numerous finishes and accessories that allow achieving results in line with the projected expectations.


Taking care of the small details makes great pieces emerge in the end. At Sellex, this aspect is highly regarded, which is why all the joints between the structure or the structure and the seat are carefully designed to be as hidden as possible, prioritizing pure design without anything visually obstructive. The level of rigor and refinement is so high that sometimes, due to the delicacy they exude, it seems like the elements are “floating” in space.

Modular Furniture

There are many elements in Sellex‘s furniture that offer the possibility of grouping them to adapt to places of different sizes and distributions. Having the option to use the same piece of furniture for a collaborative workspace, for example, as well as for an airport waiting area, is an advantage provided by the modular system. In addition, modular solutions are the best choice for breakout and relaxation areas in offices. They are a highly recommended solution for modern work environments. Technology companies are the major users of this type of furniture.

In any case, Najarro Proyectos can help you find the most suitable solution for the space you have. Feel free to contact us if you want to incorporate Sellex into your interior design project.

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