Iniciativa Exterior 3i.
Mobiliario para exteriores

Iniciativa Exterior 3i. Mobiliario para exteriores

Good weather is approaching and it´s time to talk about a company dedicated to outdoor furniture, to be ready for this season.

Iniciativa Exterior 3i is a company dedicated to the import, design, and distribution of outdoor furniture and decoration.

Outdoor and garden environments are experiencing a moment of splendor, both for homes and for hotels, resorts, and restaurant businesses. The outdoor furniture from Iniciativa Exterior 3i is suitable for outdoor decoration, which is becoming more refined, aiming to bring the comfort of the interior of our homes outside.

Fresh, new, and current designs are trending, allowing you to undertake projects with the greatest variety of pieces to adapt to each type of environment.

Iniciativa Exterior 3i has a catalog of distinctive products, aiming to cover the different needs created by the end consumer, whether it be in terms of design, service, quality, aesthetics, or comfort. You can choose from a wide variety of products and accessories, such as loungers, outdoor tables, garden chairs, sofas and chaise lounges, parasols and umbrellas, as well as pavilions and shade structures for gardens, porches, and pools.

Currently, they have an extensive number of proposals distributed in three catalogs:


If you’re interested in anything you’ve seen or need more information, please contact us.

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