Auxiliary furniture in the office

Muebles auxiliares en la oficina

The current office model has changed quite a bit in a very short time. For example, there are tasks that need to be carried out with ergonomics, efficiency, and without relying on a fixed workstation. To achieve this, open spaces have been reinvented, no longer being unnoticed places, and transformed into ideal areas for collaborative work, relaxation rooms, and other spaces where a new concept of auxiliary furniture comes to offer us elegant and functional alternatives.

To achieve these versatile and multi-purpose spaces, relying on auxiliary furniture will help us create a unique and, above all, practical style in any area of our workplace:

Space dividers, which can isolate different areas of any room; displays, which allow showcasing valuable information for clients or employees; planters, which bring well-being to the room they are in; trash bins, which enable us to recycle office waste in a differentiated manner…

The manufacturer systemtronic offers a great diversity of elegant auxiliary furniture with exquisite design. Their furniture includes office accessories, shelves, displays, bookshelves, planters, tables, trash bins, umbrella stands, coat racks, magazine racks, dividers, and supports for fire extinguishers, among others

Computer equipment is also a fundamental part of our offices, and you can find supports for CPUs, stands for one or multiple monitors (an option that is becoming increasingly common), and organizers for small stationery items. Herman Miller offers multiple options for these needs, emphasizing high quality and unparalleled design.

Another type of auxiliary furniture that has great demand is whiteboards and flipcharts. They are used especially in offices where work meetings are common and also in the training rooms of many companies. We offer a wide variety of useful and original solutions for your office.

And as always, if you want advice, Najarro Proyectos has design and decoration professionals who will help you make the most of your office. Feel free to contact us.

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