A resting area en the office


In today’s world, a modern company cannot do without having a relaxation and break area in the office.

More and more companies are incorporating a space for their employees to clear their minds, rest their eyes, and recharge energy without having to leave the premises.

A relaxation area brings many benefits; it not only enhances the well-being of employees but also fosters productivity, keeps them motivated, facilitates good working relationships, and improves communication across all levels of the company.


Fosters Productivity

They contribute to increasing workers’ effectiveness by providing them with an optimized rest area, allowing them to recover more efficiently from their workload. Upon returning to their tasks, employees will feel much more rested and can be more productive.

Facilitates Work Relationships

A relaxation space with office sofas helps to strengthen and consolidate the bonds among the staff. This aspect is particularly important for creating a positive atmosphere that effectively contributes to fostering values such as collaboration. This is a crucial consideration, especially in jobs where group tasks are a frequent activity.

Enhances Creativity

Break times are also an excellent period to stimulate creativity. Providing a relaxation space with office sofas allows the staff to unwind and lets their creativity flow. That’s why these types of facilities are particularly beneficial for startups (which require large doses of creativity in their early stages) as well as for companies dedicated to innovation in general. In summary, a relaxation area with office sofas helps maximize the potential of each team member.

Fosters Communication

In rest and relaxation areas with sofas, coffee machines, and perhaps recreational amenities, one can contribute to creating a more relaxed space where communication flows between employees and management.

Increases Productive Time

If a break is provided in the office, it avoids delays caused by trips to rest areas outside.

The decoration

The possibilities for decorating a relaxation room are many and varied depending on the intended use: coffee, leisure, informal chats…

Firstly, the sofa. There is no better place to relax than a good sofa. There are sofas suitable for every type of decoration. It is important, above all, that it not only adds style but also provides comfort.

Visitor chairs would also fit well. Distributed throughout the space, and with the possibility of moving them from one area to another for informal chats

Decorative objects such as paintings, figurines… everything to make the relaxation room feel like a corner of our home and make it more visually comfortable.

Divider panels or screens can delimit certain areas, whether we want more privacy or simply to separate leisure areas, coffee spaces, meetings… There are also panels with chalkboard or cork to unleash imagination and creativity.

And we save lighting for last. It is important to provide the room with appropriate lighting. Soft if it is for quiet relaxation, or brighter if it is for leisure or the coffee area.

And as always, if you want advice, Najarro Proyectos has professionals who will help you make the most of your relaxation area. Contact us.

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