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Mobile partitions are modules, enclosures, panels, or independent walls that move along guides or rails, and can create separations between spaces when needed.

Mobile partitions are commonly used in restaurants, offices, conference rooms, and other spaces where the distribution of a space needs to be altered based on specific needs at any given time. This can involve creating smaller rooms or joining them to make larger ones, with the ability to conceal the partitions from view.

Options in Mobile Partitions

There are many different options when choosing a mobile partition. You can choose the type of framing (visible or concealed), the type of sealing, the type of panel storage (unidirectional or multidirectional), the finish (to match your design), single or double doors, and more.

For example, unidirectional panels (as opposed to multidirectional) move in a single direction along the guide. The panels can be stored at any point along the guide. They are ideal for spaces where the divisions are linear, allowing the panels to move longitudinally along the guides. An example of their use is in large conference rooms where you want to divide the space to organize smaller, more intimate gatherings.

Materials are also crucial. There are mobile partitions made of wood (MDF or melamine chipboard, varnished or lacquered solid wood), a classic material for this type of partition. Wood provides some acoustic insulation and offers a more competitive price compared to other options. Alternatively, you can choose glass partitions for a more minimalist and modern appearance. Glass allows light to pass through and is a resistant material. If you want to soundproof, laminated glass can be a solution. Lastly, there are so-called acoustic mobile partitions, filled with materials that provide greater sound insulation. The faces of these partitions are usually wooden boards, although they can also be found in other materials.

Due to the various options, we recommend seeking advice from technical personnel who can recommend the most suitable option for each space based on your specific case and needs.

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