Office lighting

Iluminación en la oficina

The workplace is one of the places where we spend a significant amount of time throughout our lives. That’s why, just as we carefully consider the lighting we incorporate into our homes, the same level of importance should be given to the choice of lighting for our offices or even that corner of the home dedicated to remote work.

We can classify the types of light we can incorporate into three main groups:

  • Natural Light: This is the most recommended, although sometimes it may be insufficient or even absent if work is carried out during nighttime hours.
  • General Artificial Light: This type provides homogeneous light to the space, making it functional.
  • Focused Artificial Light: This allows for a very clear and specific view of the work to be carried out. For example, using desk lamps to illuminate a workspace or hanging lamps for the office kitchen area. It can also be effective in highlighting a specific area of the room, such as a work plan hung on the wall or the printer area, among others.

It is important that the light source has a diffuser to prevent glare from all angles in the office, allowing all workers to carry out their activities effectively.

Today, there are countless models and designs that, in addition to providing adequate lighting, add a personal and welcoming touch to the company, creating a much more comfortable working environment and increasing productivity and concentration.

From an ecological perspective, it is worth highlighting the advances in using lighting systems that are more energy-efficient, meaning they offer much lower energy consumption with the same lighting quality. In this regard, LED technology is one of the most suitable solutions.

At Najarro Proyectos, we have extensive experience in interior design renovations for offices, and lighting is an aspect we carefully consider. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you create a well-lit space with the latest products on the market.

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