INCLASS. Contemporary furniture

Inclass. Mobiliario contemporáneo

INCLASS is a dynamic and innovative family-owned company that, since the late 90s, has been dedicated to manufacturing contemporary design furniture for all types of environments.

This company works closely with top international designers such as Christophe Pillet, Simon Pengelly, Jonathan Prestwich, Yonoh, Paul Brooks, among others. The goal is to create innovative products that are the expression of pure, elegant, and timeless design.

Production has been carried out locally for the past 20 years, combining craftsmanship with the latest technologies. However, their furniture is sold internationally through the best distributors, interior designers, and architects of the moment, making their creations present in offices, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, and private residences in more than sixty countries.

At Najarro Proyectos, we collaborate with INCLASS for various projects where it is necessary to add furniture, both in public and private contexts; achieving in each of them an original and exclusive result for clients who trust us. Generating modern and comfortable spaces where people can interact, work, and live optimally.

Inclass. Mobiliario contemporáneo


All INCLASS products have a marked aesthetic character that advocates for pure, minimalist lines with light yet robust and resistant elements. They are timeless, comfortable, and elegant designs, with a variety of neutral colors and finishes in different materials that can be perfectly combined with the rest of the elements that occupy the space.

Inclass. Mobiliario contemporáneo


In some cases, the furniture has modular systems that function as a set of geometries, allowing for infinite compositions and total adaptation to the most diverse spaces.

They offer a wide range of seating modules, available in different sizes and shapes, that can be combined with backs, arms, side tables, and accessories to create unique creations.

Inclass. Mobiliario contemporáneo


To guarantee high-quality products, their furniture is locally manufactured applying three premises: good design, selection of quality materials, and, above all, the experienced work of their human team.

They are designed to last and, therefore, undergo strict safety and durability tests in independent laboratories, complying with the most demanding international regulations. Since 2005, INCLASS has been audited by Bureau Veritas, certifying that the company works according to the quality standards established in ISO 9001. As a result, all Inclass products come with a standard 5-year warranty.

Inclass. Mobiliario contemporáneo


The production plant is certified according to ISO14001 standards, the most internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems. All waste generated in production is classified, separated, and recycled. In addition to this, all pieces are designed to minimize the number of components used in their manufacture, prioritizing the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

Inclass. Mobiliario contemporáneo

As always, at Najarro Proyectos, we can advise you on choosing the most suitable furniture for each space. Contact us

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